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Take part in special Prime Day deals if you are an Amazon Prime member!

If you don’t yet have Amazon Prime, remember you can sign up here for super fast, free delivery on millions of items (who doesn’t want near instant gratification!). Try it for free for 30 days - I honestly really wish I was able to take advantage of this!!

*Prices may change during the course of the day, I will do my best to keep them accurate but cannot be held liable for any changes in price.

Over 40% off

XL Scraper - 62% $5.49

I use mine all the time to remove things off my mat, scrape things down when transferring vinyl etc, and at $5.49 its an absolute steal!

I feel its a total must-have in your Cricut arsenal of tools!

True control weeding kit - 51% $13.49

I cannot work without my true control weeding kit, the softer grip is perfect for those sensitive hands, and a half price - I wish I could buy myself some more of these! (They don’t ship it to South Africa! :( )

Standard grip mats - 50% $6.99 for two

It is ALWAYS a good idea to stock up on mats when they are on special, they are a consumable and so need to be replaced after extended use!

These work out to $3.50 each, which is a good price!

Pens - 50% $18.89

I use my pens often, and when stored upside down they will last such a long time! I really enjoy writing with them because my handwriting is so awful, so HIGHLY recommend grabbing these. If you don’t yet have these, now is a great time to get them!

Bright 360 Floor Lamp - 40% $149

Another item I would LOVE to have in my room as it looks so super sleek! Get it at 40% off and its only $149. The desk version is $129, so that's another option if you prefer it!

Cricut Autopress - 40% $599

I bet we wont see this on special again anytime soon, so now is the time to get it while its super cheap!

I do like the convenience of mine, and while I admit it's not a product built for everyone, it has distinct mobility advantages for those who are disabled, or like wandering off often (like me! haha)

Over 25% off

HTVRont Autopress - 36% $189 *LIGHTNING DEAL* Limited quantity

Prime Exclusive! Admittedly I haven’t tried this one myself, but I have heard from many friends how much they love theirs, so I wanted to make sure to include it, as it is currently $110 cheaper than usual, at $189!

Epson EcoTank ET-2850 - 34% $229

A fantastic option for all wanting super good quality prints, and long lasting inks! I absolutely love my L3150, and this one is a fantastic alternative at only $229 (save $120!)

You can use this printer as an inkjet, or convert it to sublimation using sublimation inks (don't add the ink it comes with!)

Printable Vinyl - 31% $10.99

Now is a great time to stock up on some Printable Vinyl! It's currently $5 off - so you get to save over 30%!

Easy press 2 - 32% $129

As I don’t yet have the EasyPress 3, the easy press 2 has been a super faithful companion for me, and. Find myself using it even more than my other presses because of its convenience!

Mug press - 25% $149

25% off?? YES PLEASE! My second favourite Cricut machine I own! (After my Maker of course!)

Other Notable products on special:

Foil Quill - 13% $45

A We R Makers product that is way better than the Cricut Foil tool, I ave loved mine for years, and though this isn’t a huge saving, its still a great product if you are looking for one!

What will you be buying this Prime Day?

This post contains affiliate links, I earn a small commission when you buy products after clicking on these links, this in no way affects the price you pay.

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