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Last year I decided that I had had enough of cheap and wasteful Christmas crackers. So instead of buying another box of overpriced crackers, I set out to make my own. After a number of trial and error files, I finally came up with a template that worked for me. I had a lot of fun weeding many many many little additions (let's face it... I made FAR too many in my initial tests last year - think an entire 12x12 of christmas trees, candy canes, bells and so many more...), and even more fun revealing them to the entire family!

Needless to say - my Christmas lunch table was the highlight of the season!

Of course the aftermath of the lunch was just as fun to witness, but the crackers were a huge hit with the entire family. The jokes were new and fresh, and the gifts were useful for once! Many laughs were had, and it was an extremely memorable Christmas to say the least.

In order to share the Christmas spirit, I thought that this year I would share not only the Christmas cracker template, but the additions, and the jokes as well!

You can to download the files below, watch my YouTube video showing how I put it all together, which is available below, as well as some additional information to help you along your way!

Lets Get Clacking Christmas Cracker Coll
Download • 2.48MB

Your free download file includes:

  • Christmas Cracker Template (.studio3 .png .svg .pdf format)

  • Christmas Cracker Additions (.studio3 .png .svg .pdf format)

  • Jokes for inside your Crackers (best printed double sided)

What else you will need:

  • Vinyl cutter (Silhouette Cameo/Portrait, Cricut machine, or other)

  • 12x12 Cardstock (yields 2 crackers per 12x12)

  • Adhesive vinyl (recommended)/Heat Transfer vinyl (HTV) - A4 yields enough for many crackers!

  • Weeding tool

  • If you use HTV you will also need a heat press/iron/heat gun/hair straightener

  • Recommended: Something to protect the card from heat damage (teflon sheet, silicone release paper - available at most baking stores)

  • Black and white printer for the jokes (double sided print recommended)

  • Scissors/paper cutter for the jokes

  • Ribbon to finish off your crackers

Once you have assembled your cracker, you just need some cracker snaps (for that little pop!), and something to put inside them.

Please share what you create, as we would love to share in the Festive Joy!

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